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Why you use Aspx ? Why you not try this Razor ?

“selamat malam minggu-an guys”

Hei i knew him there, what’s new in MVC 4.

before i explain this, i want u know what is MVC.

MVC is short from Model View Controller, look this Diagram below.Image

(image taked from wiki)

MVC is a method for making an application by separating data (model) from the view (View) and how to process it (Controller). 

In most implementations some framework web application based on MVC architecture. [1] MVC separates the development of applications based on the major components that build an application such as data manipulation, user interface, and part of the control in a web application.


so, MVC is just an architecture for building a web apps, thats it..


Now, MVC 4 offering a new style code, we call him RAZOR

just really, MVC 3 had razor, but what is the difference between Razor in MVC 3 and MVC 4 :

1. Syntax, look below:


Razor in MVC 3, using tag <% =modelField %> 

but in MVC 4 look below:


we could using tag @modelField, but if u embed your model to your file .cshtml look below :


number 1. Declare viewModel that return from controller.

number 2. ViewBag is a Dynamic code when developer wanna return a object from controller, but just one way, controller -> view, and not return value from view -> controller.

number 3. if u see view source it is a tag for <form>

number 4. yeah.. its how i like Razor MVC 4, we only type this @Html.TexBox(“stringName”, value, objectHtmlattribute).

If u want embed modelField value to textbox, you just type @Html.TexBoxFor(model => model.modelField) using lambda expression.

tobe continued…

sleep tonight.. salam “will code for food”